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Bags packed and ready to come home!!


1-Come pick up personally (Drive to us or Fly to us)

2-Fly the puppy to your local airport

3-Have a personal Nanny fly with your puppy IN CABIN and at the nanny's constant supervision (extra cost apply)

When selecting the Flight option for your puppy-

**Puppies Will Fly In Heated/AC Cabins!**

We ship puppies in the United States, Puerto Rico and West & Eastern Canada.  (unavailable 2021-? due to Covid to Canada)


I will ALWAYS try to use American as the primary Airline for your puppy.

However, like all things these days companies are raising rates so in the unfortunate event that I can NOT use American bc of TEMPERATURES OR LOCATION the following applies........

If I must fly a puppy on DELTA or United, there is an extra fee of $150 for these 2 companies "normal" rate fares. If for some reason United and Delta can not get your puppy shipped normal fare, you would be advised of additional cost-this is rare. Examples-VIP fare for short transfer times or an overnight stay for our extra long distance customers...

If your puppy must use United due to location or temperature restrictions there is an extra fee of $150 as stated above.

NOTE: SHIPPING prices are for shipping to the lower 48 states on American Airlines ONLY.

Canadian, PR and ALASKAN buyers---contact me 1st! Fees will more than likely be extra...depending on your location and if I can use American. Temp restrictions for Alaska will force me to use United often.

Shipping to EUROPE /Asia/Mexico is not available at this time. I DO NOT ship to any areas that require Quarantine laws or extended hold times for Rabie vaccinations.


First, your puppy has to be FULLY Vet checked and receive a clean bill of health.

Secondly, HRK pays the airlines on your behalf per your purchase needs.

Your puppy will fly out of Tulsa International Airport to your airport.

We will book your flight on American Airlines once payment has been received! They are fast, safe and SUPER friendly.

Shipping a puppy on an airplane is the is the SAFEST and least stressful on your puppy especially as compared to a LONG car ride. Most flights are quick (about 4-6 hours total arriving the same day).

Typically, I book morning flights and you get your puppy that afternoon.

Your puppy will be in a climate and pressure controlled pet safe cabin. They will have water and food available.

I will provide you with ALL necessary information to pick up your puppy-Confirmation #'s, Flight times, Flight #'s!!

**Make sure I have your information so I can book the flight accurately!!

***You can add a $10 in flight insurance-please communicate with Kacy if you want this***

****Once HRK hands over a puppy to a transport company, we have released total possession of your puppy. The purchasing customer is the rightful owner of the puppy and its well being. We are not responsible beyond the release to the Transportation Company hired to the Buyers selection. HRK does not pay for the service as the cost is included into the total cost of the puppy. The puppy is out of our care and Buyer payment has paid the transportation service the Buyer selected. Any issues during transportation are between and customer/Buyer and the Transportation company used and governed by the Transporters licensing****

**Don't forget to have some Puppy food shipped to you BEFORE the puppy arrives!**