The MUST have products you need!!

Over the years, I have heard the confusion and concerns about what products are needed for your new puppy.

So I have created a "PUPPY PACK" of items that I use everyday! The FOOD I use will come with EVERY puppy pack!! Our food is expensive to buy directly. Try it before you buy it and save your puppy the complications of changing food when just arriving in your home. It is worth every cent to make sure your puppy is not stressed by the new environment--the LEAST you can do is maintain normal food for the first 3 to 5 days!

Items you will actually use and IMPROVE your puppy's daily routine in his or her new home.

Approx 4.25 Pounds of NUTRISOURCE Puppy Food-Changing the diet too fast can/will upset the belly, cause LOOSE stools!!

3 pack Frontline Plus SPOT-ON flea/tick treatment and prevention

1-Kong Toy (a busy puppy is a GOOD puppy!)

10 Pee pads...the same ones used here (this is priceless)

1 bottle Puppy SHAMPOO

5-7 ounces Healthy Snacks--Pretested on your puppy to make sure he/she is WILD about this healthy, NATURAL treat! Your puppy and its mother has never been fed corn/wheat products for the reduction of skin allergies! Feed natural, high quality snacks! **Beef, Salmon or Chicken will be the flavor** An expensive treat but nothing is more natural!!

Cow Hoove- for Dental Health

Compressed chew stick

Travel Collapsible food/water bowl with bag clip

Doodle bag dispenser with doodle bags--for the uh oh moments in the park:)

Dental Kit-Toothbrush and paste

1 Toy from Home-Something familiar to feel safe in the NEW Environment!

Any samples I might have on hand from Pet Vendors (this is a random situation and not guaranteed)

Price INCLUDING postal fees to your door

$129 total price for the puppy pack above (within the lower 48 states)


Nutrition is #1 for a healthy dog and less Vet visits!

Nutrisource "Puppy" Food-30 Pounds 

Due to increasing costs-It is cheaper for you to buy direct from 

This is for puppies under 9 months of age.


ADULT Nutrisource Chicken and Rice.

OVER 9 months of age.

Due to increasing costs-It is cheaper for you to buy direct from 



It is nice to have all the dogs in a home implanted with the same microchip type so the same database is used when locating you and showing proof of ownership-THEFT HAPPENS TO A LOT of area dogs! You may implant (simple injection like a vaccine OR you can take to the vet and he will do it-take all of 10 seconds to do)

Pricing is $25 per each sterile microchip and registration form